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Jan Kollmann
Tel. 773 333 812

Ing. Petra Kollmannová PhD.
Tel. 774 227 423

We are available on the listed phone numbers from Monday to Sunday 8-21, outside this time, please use our inquiry form or write an email to In order to best meet your delivery time, please call us in advance.

Seat (mailing and invoicing address)

Muchomůrková 263/14
104 00 Praha 10 - Pitkovice

IČ: 74634101
DIČ: CZ7907310389

Firma zapsána v živnostenském rejstříku Úřadu městské části Praha 22 dne 11. 07. 2007 Č.j.: P22 9982/2019 OŽ 03.

Kontaktní adresa 1

Muchomůrková 263/14
104 00 Praha 10 - Pitkovice

Kontaktní adresa 2

Makotřasy 111
(5 min od letiště Ruzyně - 7km R7)

Kontaktní adresa 3 - Plzeň a okolí

Podhradní 129
Starý Plzenec

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Many of you do not have time from Monday to Friday during normal opening hours, so we are always here for you according to your time possibilities, always by prior arrangement, it is not a problem to arrive hastily on Sunday or later after work.

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+420 773 333 812